October is National Bully Prevention month. At James Martial Arts Academy, we are devoted to empowering our students and children in our neighborhood, so in this article, we will cover some suggestions to allow your child with extra techniques to prevent a fight and improve their confidence. We teach these coping techniques in our martial arts school, and our students find them valuable.

Children this time of the year have to handle numerous challenging new scenarios such as new classmates, brand-new teachers, brand-new schools, and the last thing we desire for them to have to take any bullying scenarios that may be happening.



The first skill we will talk about is teaching your child how essential their presence is. It can make a difference in being singled out as a possible victim rather than forecasting an image of confidence, which leads to being less susceptible. What do we imply when we say “Presence”? By “Presence,” we indicate the method your child carries themselves & their look. As moms and dads, we must make sure our children are bathed and wearing clothes appropriate for school, which is not going to be the target for other kids to be picked on. 

Now, I’m not recommending buying brand name clothes or costs above your means, however if your child insists on not wearing a clothes item to school since he doesn’t believe “it’s cool” or states “it’s unsightly”, perhaps have an open mind about why he might be communicating this to you and do not demand to require him or her to wear it.

Another crucial consider your child’s existence in the way they bring themselves and how they communicate with their peers and adults. Among the factors we put a great deal of focus on in our martial arts classes is teaching children how to make eye contact appropriately. When being spoken with or while speaking with their peers and adults, we always want them to make eye contact with the person they are communicating with. 

Even when just merely strolling the halls at school, we teach our martial arts students do not have their head down but to walk in an upright position looking straight ahead since it is a known fact that bullies search for kids that bring themselves as prospective victims and target them to be teased. Something we motivate parents to do to make their children get utilized to connecting with others is to have them speak for themselves; for example, when out at a restaurant, instead of buying food on your child’s behalf, have him or her order their own food, and teach them that it is polite to look people in the eyes when resolving them.

Especially if you understand your child has more difficulties than their excellent friends connecting with peers and adults, this is a terrific practice for the advancement of their social skills.


Our second suggestion might seem like an obvious one and yet breaks people’s basic understanding of martial arts; It just is the avoidance of bullies and of situations that might produce a fight. We advise our students to ignore bullies, go a various route to prevent them, whatever it requires not to have to engage them. People typically think martial arts is about fighting, but it is not; it is about teaching confidence. Yes, there are obvious benefits to understanding how to protect yourself if the situation escalates; however, the capability to do so leads to the preliminary confidence needed to get out of the situation involving a bully. Bullies do not pick on confident children.


The third skill we empower our martial arts students with is by teaching them Verbal Skills. Is an essential idea! Regrettably, bullies have always existed. Nevertheless, they will continue to exist, knowing how your child can communicate with someone picking on them without becoming a victim or intensifying the situation into a fight is essential. 

Bullies might start the relationship by badgering your child’s clothing, weight, or anything they view as a vulnerability. We teach our martial arts students these three sets of verbal skills to name a few:- How to utilize humor to deflect the insult;- How to change the topic when being picked on;- How to make pals with the individual teasing you (Turn a bully into a friend).



In the unfortunate circumstance, a physical confrontation might arise; your child will require to understand how to protect themselves. Taking martial classes will give them these self-defense skills. Nevertheless, we also teach some obstructing stances that communicate aesthetically to any adults or teachers, seeing that they are not initiating the fight instead of just attempting to protect themselves. 

This will signal that your child is not searching for the problem, while likewise safeguarding themselves from an assault. 

In conclusion, I hope you enjoyed these fast four suggestions to empower your child against bullies. Let’s recap:

– Teach your child the significance of existence;

– Avoid bullies & conflicts;

– Teach your child verbal skills;

If assaulted, verbally communicate that you are being attacked while using simple blocks. Simply telling your child to ask bullies to leave them alone is much easier said than done, especially when challenged by a larger kid. 

Martial arts classes BULLY PROOF kids by giving them the skills to deal with challenging scenarios. I hope you discovered these tips helpful! If you would like more information, please review the information on our kids martial arts program or call us at 833-894-0191. 

Give your child the gift of a lifetime! martial arts changed my life, and I am confident it can do the same for your child and your household. Keep in mind. We teach the same values you guide in the house! I hope your child has an excellent fall season, and I will see you in class!

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