Benefits of Family Karate Classes

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Some people assume that karate is for children only and that their parents should focus on more œpractical stuff in life!

Well, this misconception arises due to the confusion that martial arts is about fighting and jumping around only, well it’s not.

Martial arts in San Diego at our martial arts academy is more than just sweating and throwing kicks and punches. A good martial artist can defeat the opponent just by the way he walks into the situation, without even throwing a single punch.

Anyway, back to the topic, so how exactly is it beneficial if parents and children practice together in a dojo?

First, let’s see some of the benefits of karate for children and adults.

Karate for Kids:

– Improves discipline in the children
– Enhances self-esteem
– Improves listening skills in them, makes them more obedient
– Improves socializing skills
– Provides physical fitness and improves healthy living
– Improves motor skills and coordination
– Avoid obesity
– Educates and prepares against bullying
– Stress management
– Improves sense of respect for elders, peers, and people around them
– Promotes the skill and sense of resolving the conflicts without violence, yes truly it does!

Adult Martial Arts Classes:

It’s not just the kids who benefit from martial arts; adults have numerous benefits of martial arts too, including:
– Lose weight and get in shape
– Not just look great, but also feel great too!
– Learn the effective and real self-defense skills
– Gain self-confidence
– Improve self-discipline
– Relieve stress
– Gain self-control
– Socialize and make more friends, who’re skilled and ready to watch their back!

Benefits of Parents and Children practicing karate together

Well, out of the long list of benefits of family karate classes, let us see some mutual benefits martial arts provides:

– Improves family bonding
– Parents can monitor the progress of their children
– Parents can assess make sure if their children are safe enough to survive in the world and various situations
– Parents can monitor and understand various aspects of the child’s personality
– Reduces the gap between child and parent and improves frankness and friendship between the two of them
– They get another relation, of colleague in self-defense class, to convey their thoughts and discuss things, especially which are left behind due to parent-child generation gap
– Parents can monitor in real time what the instructor at martial arts training academy is turning their kids into, a better individual or not

Contact us now for family karate and self-defense and karate classes in San Diego so that you and your children can develop themselves under the guidance of well-trained instructors in the styles of Kosho-Ryu and Kajukenbo.

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