How to conquer the fear of a fight

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Fighting is scary, it really is.

However, it’s essential to understand that there are various levels of violence. Ideally, preparing yourself for one level doesn’t automatically prepare you for the next one, although it may help, each level still needs its own training and practice.

Thus, each level has a different level of fear associated with it.

Another thing to understand is that the levels are not difficult from one another mostly, they’re just different.

Various types or levels of fears include:

  • The fear of fight when you go for the spar first time in your life
  • The first time you compete in any fighting competition
  • You get injured in the competition for the first time
  • You’re already injured before the competition, you feel weak and not ready
  • You get tired during a competition, while your opponent doesn’t seem to be tired
  • The opponent is too good, and you can’t even hit him once
  • Your best shots and hits don’t have any effect on the opponent
  • You’re doing good in a fight, and he suddenly gets lucky and hit you hard
  • You realize the opponent is better and will win ultimately

The list goes on. However see, all the items in this list are related but different. Being comfortable with one doesn’t prepare you for the other. E.g., if you’re okay with getting hit by the opponent, you might not be ready to fight when injured, though, and so on.

How to conquer the fear of fighting

So we all have fears, how can we conquer or minimize them? Well here are a few ways and tips to do that which you will learn in our martial arts training academy too, such as:

  • Learning more and getting more knowledge, never take a defeat personally, it’s all a lesson, learn about both the physical and psychological aspects of the fight
  • Gaining skill and training, harder and longer
  • Experience, nothing can beat experience, nothing, and that comes by fighting only and by going through those fears and levels

It’s important to accept that fear and situations have different, effects on different people. Also, accept that fight is meant to injure. Martial arts in San Diego at the James Martial Arts Academy is all about preventing pain, causing pain, and accepting it too. So a person who learns how to hit and how to block it only, while not learning how to accept it, is missing a huge part of the training.

Finally, let me tell you a secret, everyone fears, even a black belt fears when he is in front of a white belt, without fear one can’t do the impossible.

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