How We Can Prevent The Majority Of Child Abuse From Happening

It’s a topic that nobody enjoys discussing: Child Abuse. To consider our young, innocent people being harmed, particularly from someone we understand, can be heart-wrenching. 

Although it’s a hard subject to amuse and natural to wish to avoid, consider that this extremely avoidance could be eliminated from the option.

Because of the national roofing sit motion, an effort that started by spending a week on a local roof eating, sleeping, and working to create awareness, education, and facilitate contributions for regional children of abuse–, we’re going to breach the subject. Numerous times, the cure for abuse in children is reactionary after the fact. What if we could take a proactive method and prevent some of these things from happening within our own houses?


As my partner and I have actually been going through the adoption process, I’ve been amazed at the quantity of “what ifs” it has actually needed us to think about and the quantity of preparation we’ve done that probably wouldn’t have actually been done otherwise. If you’re like us, you might not think about these tragic occasions until they come hurrying back to the leading edge of your brain when you find out about them in the news. Nobody wishes to consume about the unimaginable, and while we definitely can’t prevent every bad situation from taking place to our family, we can plan ahead. I’m so grateful for the preventative procedures our adoption agency has needed us to think of and plan out prior to a circumstance that arises, and I’d like to share them with you. Of the many preventative plans, one is the family safety strategy. A family security strategy includes questions like:

1. What strategies have you made to prevent psychological and verbal abuse?

2. What strategies have you made to prevent physical abuse?

3. What plans have you made to prevent sexual abuse?

4. If your security plan is ineffective, what actions will you take?

Merely taking a seat with your partner or better half and brainstorming your thoughts on each concern together is all it takes. It puts us in a scenario of control and empowerment by forcing us to think about how to prevent circumstances from occurring rather than from a conservative state.


One technique to consider as you are conceptualizing concepts is using a code word. A code word is a word that stays between you and your household. If your child enters a circumstance they do not feel comfortable in, they can communicate the code word to you, and you will pertain to help them. 

For example, if your child’s pal asks to have a play date, and the last time your child was at that friend’s home he felt uneasy, your kid would utilize the code word to you, so he does not harm his pal’s feelings, on the other hand communicating to you that he doesn’t feel safe going to the play date. 

This becomes a lot more essential as kids enter into their teenage years and might find themselves in jeopardizing circumstances. The security of knowing that you are a lifeline because you’ve been continuously one codeword away benefits you and your kid alike!


Whether your children are young or older, being proactive requires communicating with your children about the hard stuff, and doing so early and often. Having conversations around abuse shows your children that no topic’s too big for you to handle and that you are a safe place to go to for help-not only for themselves but also for others that may be suffering from abuse. 

Having a one-time conversation is a great start, and having age-appropriate conversations regularly will solidify the safety they feel within your family even more effectively. Take it a step further by surrounding your children with people and resources that are communicating the same message you are — there are multiple types of abuse, and there are people in their lives they can talk to and that are there to help.

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