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Learning Traditional Martial Arts Teaches Kids Life Skills While They Have Fun

Welcome to Your New Children's

Martial Arts Training Program

Six to thirteen-year-old kids are intellectually curious and starting to mature emotionally – but they also may struggle with appropriate behavior and physical control. Our Essential Martial Arts Program is especially designed to help them learn martial arts in line with their overall development

OVER 70.6%

of Kids See Bullying in School. At James Martial Arts Academy we work with children teaching the quality life skills in martial arts that delivers great results at home, in school and in the community. Learning how and when to manage bullying is key.


in the US, a Child is Abducted. We believe in supporting parents with drills and skills that will keep their children safe. From situational awareness to safe self defense we want martial arts to keep them safe.


Children are Classified as Obese. Children need our support. We work hand in hand with parents to assure our teens make the right choices. At the James Martial Arts Academy we work with each student one on one with support when needed.

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There is a safe, natural, and extremely effective way to take charge and positively impact every aspect of your child’s life. It doesn’t take medicine, therapy, harsh actions, or influencing your kids to change their behavior. Instead, it is teaching your kids self-discipline, hard work, confidence, and respect. This was done in a way that empowers them while also teaching them humility and promoting health and fitness all at the same time.

It sounds like a wonder cure.

But there is something that does all that. And that’s the power of martial arts training classes for kids in San Diego.



Your kids’ everyday friends aren’t the main concern anymore when it comes to character development. Now you have to worry about all the negative and harmful influences that the internet can introduce into your children’s lives.

The real benefit or our martial arts training classes are the character and success traits that are developed through martial arts training. Through learning the skills and techniques of martial arts, to the guidance and inspiration of our instructors, and the positive social interaction with their classmates, your kids will develop a whole list of skills.




Face it. Between the foods we eat and the constant sitting and staring into computer screens or devices, many kids aren’t getting enough weekly exercise.

Our martial arts training classes for kids are full exercise routines disguised as a boatload of fun! That’s because they are filled with activities, games, and drills that are all designed to disguise the repetition of training.

Of course, your kids need to exercise and wear themselves out – they stay healthy, sleep well, and develop their minds and bodies. However, just as important, our classes will help develop at a young age the physical habits they need to grow into healthy adults.



We never want our kids to have to use their martial arts skills in modern life, but every good parent still wants their kids to be safe. This is why our martial arts training program is very serious about teaching your kids the skills needed for self-protection in any circumstance, from the neighborhood bully to a stranger on the street (and so much more).

But knowing how to defend oneself is only half the battle. Our martial arts classes will teach your child the respect and self-discipline needed to deescalate most situations without violence. It is crucial to know when force is the only way to safety.

Karate is fun


F-U-N !!

Losing is not anybody’s idea of fun, but we all need to learn how to accept a defeat gracefully and move on. We teach our students that losing is part of life – and it’s what you do after you lose that tells people who you are.

Even though martial arts training classes is an individual sport, we cultivate an environment of supportive teamwork where students root for one another.


Many martial arts training, especially those from Japan, also teach secondary disciplines.

Students develop concentration and concentration through impressive basics and improve their strength and muscle endurance through a variety of fitness exercises. Students will build their confidence by learning important self-defense tactics and improving their situational awareness in a controlled and safe environment.

Not only will they punch and kick, but they will learn to develop correct reactions, timing, and strength in their technique by applying their movements to different impact targets.

Once they have read the situation and can take the right approach, they can begin to deal with everything that lies ahead, be it a stranger, a friend, an enemy, or even a family member.


“ -Marisol Pippin

My wife and daughter attended the women’s self-defense class recently. My wife has a brown belt in another discipline and still came away from the class with new information. The attention to detail and technique that you find at this dojo are unmatched. It’s a very warm and inviting atmosphere but when it’s time to work, it’s time to work. We traveled from Los Angeles for the self-defense class and hope Darryl has the opportunity to open a dojo in our area soon. A fantastic experience! I’m looking forward to the next seminar.

“ -Brittany F

I signed my son up in 2016 at age 4 and he was in classes for 2 years. Every class or teacher he has I always get told how behaved he is for a 6 year old he is truly the most disciplined 6 y/o I’ve ever met I attribute this back to Sifu. He truly cares about all of his students and is extremely patient and encouraging. He also pushes the students to try their hardest. I Recommend trying a class out to anyone.


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes. Kids in the Essential Martial Arts Program program must pay attention to instructors and memorize moves if they wish to advance.

Yes. It’s normal for kids to experience setbacks when they study martial arts. Some moves may require repeated effort to master, and the process teaches kids to handle disappointment and failure.

A fixation on fairness is common in kids of this age, but our program helps them understand that sometimes life isn’t fair – and also, to realize that in our martial arts school, all other kids face the same challenges they do.

Yes, it happens all the time. Yes. One of the James Martial Arts Program we teach is courage, which requires kids to dodge targets. While the targets won’t hurt them, they show kids that they can face opposition and still succeed.

Our Martial Arts Program helps kids to build focus and improve their memorization skills. Each of the skills we teach requires kids to remember what the instructors have told them and – in some cases – to memorize a series of moves. When kids learn how to memorize information, they can use that skill anywhere they need to use it – including in the classroom.

Our curriculum is specifically designed with kids from ages seven to thirteen in mind. We want to challenge them without overwhelming them – and our instructors know how to motivate them and keep them on track. They’ll learn to accept challenges, not run from them.

We Develop Confidence

In our students

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