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The martial art known as Kung Fu is older, yet very powerful. There are many different types involved with Kung Fu San Diego, which only adds to the power and mystique. Listed below, we will go over a bulk of the different designs and kinds that make up Kung Fu.


The spirit of the White Crane has caused what lots of martial artists consider to be the most elegant system of Kung Fu. The pattern for the White Crane style was patterned after a crane bird often spotted in marshes and open plains. The White Crane defense types and attacks are nothing except amazing, commonly referred to as “fatal charm.”

Although the strategies within the White Crane design can take years to effectively master, they are simple and to the point. White Crane stylists are masters of self-defense, although they are taught to prevent confrontations. Even though a stylist can manage himself in any scenario, he will avoid a battle at all expenses and respond with physical activity when he has entrusted no option.

Tiger system of Shaolin that stresses close-quarter methods. The Tiger system isn’t much on range fighting, although it is very reliable in close quarter scenarios, such as alleys and little rooms. It is a powerful system, teaching stylists to handle themselves correctly in locations where other martial arts seem to fail.

Unlike the majority of kung fu styles, Eagle Claw’s its focus is more on grappling. Along with this aspect, locking of the joints, gripping techniques, takedowns, and pressure point strikes are the emphasis of this style. This system also adds a level of leg techniques not found initially within Ngok Fei’s art. Traditionally, the system focuses more on hand strikes.

Although it is considered a humorous technique to martial arts because of the antics of the monkey. The Monkey style is one of the deadliest martial arts systems in the world. This design dates back to the 1840s when missionaries were first permitted passage into China.

The Monkey design all began when a serene man called See withstood was jailed after unintentionally killing an officer of the law. She was sentenced to prison for his criminal activity, where he spent all his time watching the prison apes. He discovered them remarkably and would see them from his cell, which has also assisted in killing time.

Over his ten years jail sentence, he studied the way the apes moved, paying very attention to how they protected themselves and battled each other. Then, when he was released from prison, he adapted his design, ending up being known as the Monkey Master. A lot of people joined him on the method and began to discover his Monkey system which is still really reliable today. If you are looking for a traditional Kung Fu San Diego studio, you have found your training location.

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