San Diego Best Women Self Defense Class

Our Women’s Self-Defense Classes are all about promoting awareness, strength, and self-defense skills for the females in our community. We provide practical, helpful females’ self-defense classes to develop the skills and self-confidence ladies need to protect themselves. Our self-defense classes for women talk about rape avoidance techniques and techniques, concentrating on both inner and outer strength.


The James Martial Arts Academy women self-defense classes have been thoroughly developed with critical input from law enforcement to offer practical self-defense classes for ladies in San Diego. 

The self-defense program will provide students with the specific how and where women are most frequently attacked. And we will teach you how to securely and successfully fend off an opponent using punches, elbows, knees, and kicks.

Our women’s self-defense classes teach our trainees how to safeguard themselves against common chokes, grabs, bear hugs, and other attacks typically used by larger, more powerful assailants. 

To prepare our trainees to survive a real attack, we highlight realistic training situations and reasonable defenses. Females leave our classes feeling safe, secure, empowered.

Preparation and Real-World Experiences:

Our women’s self-defense classes incorporate training approaches to develop a fighting spirit and we train our students how to respond both psychologically and physically in a timely manor which removes the danger of “freezing” or “closing down” in fights.

In our self-defense classes, students receive hands-on training through the simulated attacks by our highly training instructors worn full protective gear. Our students prepare themselves to counterattacks, just like they will in reality. We emphasize developing real-world scenarios to ensure maximum preparation in possibly unsafe situations.

Discover Skills and Gain Confidence:

Surviving an attack is more than training your body– it includes training your mind and spirit to be resistant. James Martial Arts Academy Women’s Self-Defense classes can help you to find the strength that you already have and push you to develop it. For more information on how to register in our women’s self-defense classes, contact us at 833-894-0191 or

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