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It seems like violent crime is everywhere these days. From the regional nightly news to the first page of the morning newspapers, we are continuously reminded that we are living in a dangerous and unpredictable world. The crime data confirms these reports — based on a recent FBI, there were a reported 1,390,695 violent crimes in 2005.

Today, it’s more crucial than ever before to be able to protect yourself if it becomes necessary. But what exactly does “self-defense” mean? Is actually it about being bigger and tougher than a potential attacker? Does it mean having a gun in your purse?

Not all of us are capable of fighting back physically, and in some cases, fighting can make your circumstance more hazardous. Plus the laws regarding self-defense can be challenging– lethal self-defense is not typically the solution from a legal viewpoint, regardless of how frightened you may be in a situation.



Your Ideal Self defense

The secret to self-defense is planning. You don’t need to be concerned, and you really don’t have to carry a gun. The most effective way to protect yourself is to be aware of your environments and to know what to do if you sense endangered or unsafe. Listed below are some things you can do to prevent being a victim:

– Recognize your areas. Consistently focus and observe what’s happening all around you. Criminals oftentimes select targets who look preoccupied or distracted.

– Avoid isolated areas. Whether you’re finding a parking place at the mall or going out for an evening stroll, make a point to be around other people. You’re significantly much less prone to get attacked if you are in a well-lit, high-traffic place.

– Believe in your instincts. Do not think about seeming paranoid. If a person or situation doesn’t seem right to you, get out quickly and tell someone.

You’re far less likely to end up being a victim of a violent crime if you’re alert and aware. Unfortunately, there’s no 100% guarantee. For a little extra peace of mind, you may wish to consider some additional non-lethal self-defense choices:

– Pepper spray: A small but highly effective deterrent. It causes short-term blindness, difficulty breathing, and an extreme burning sensation. Spraying an attacker with pepper spray gives you extra time to get away and get help.

– Stun guns: Stun guns are available in a range of sizes and deliver a powerful jolt of electricity that temporarily disables an attacker for several minutes.

– Personal alarms: A personal alarm or panic sensor can be worn around the neck and pressed if you’re in a dangerous situation. The noise can startle and scare away an attacker– and it draws focus to you.

-Martial Arts San Diego: Learning real-life self-defense techniques will prepare for the unknown. Good martial arts like Kosho-Ryu or Kajukenbo will teach you to have to defend yourself effectively using punches (striking), kicking, or fighting on the ground.
By keeping alert and employing non-lethal self-defense products, you are minimizing your risk of becoming a victim. You don’t have to live in fear. A little preparation can help you feel empowered in an unpredictable world.

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