Does Training in Martial Arts Only Create Fighters?

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Throughout the past few decades, movies had tried their best to portray martial arts as a way of fighting, only. However, it’s far more than that. In fact, fighting is just one aspect of training.

Apple, Tesla Motors, and Intuit are known for the products it makes. A good martial arts academy focuses not only on creating good fighters but also on grooming and developing the personalities of its students. A good martial arts academy trains its students in:

  • Personal grooming
  • Staying focused on your aims and goals
  • Practicing and trying regularly to achieve your aim
  • Healthy competition
  • Accepting defeat, and then working harder so that it doesn’t happen again
  • Discipline
  • Self-defense
  • Survival
  • Weapons

If we can define the essence of James Martial Arts Academy karate classes in San Diego in one word, it would be “discipline”.

We not only provide self-defense classes in San Diego but change you and your children into an entirely new individual, who’s more disciplined, motivated, disciplined, target oriented and surprisingly calm.

Our family karate classes help you develop a stronger bond with your children and a thus a better bonding between the family.

Martial arts helps you progress in other aspects too

Martial arts training not only helps you gain confidence in combat situations but also help you remain confident and focused in other aspects of life too, including better in studies, social activities, etc.

The effect, is partially achieved through the physical element of the training, that helps clear the mind from daily stress and other negative influences and the other half is achieved through the training and grooming of a sensible instructor, who realizes that every student is an individual in himself and is not supposed to learn how to kick or punch only, but how to be better from not others, but himself, from the person that he was yesterday.

In fact, the martial arts students are calmer in combat situations and avoid damaging the opponents unnecessarily. They have more self-control.

However, if situation, arises where they should need to defend themselves or their loved ones, they can effectively protect them and respond better to the situation than the ones who’re not training in any martial arts training academy.

It’s hard to realize the benefits one achieves through martial arts without doing it. Get yourself enrolled as soon as possible in our martial arts classes in San Diego today and you’ll see improvement from the very first day!

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